Who we are

Yoga teachers with a difference
The art and science of Preksha Yoga

MYPreksha Yoga is a popular yoga class in the bay area. The skills taught in our classes have made us the number one choice for various celebrities as well as top corporate organizations both in India and the USA. Apart from a long list of satisfied long term private clients, MYPreksha Yoga offers consulting to several Fortune 500 companies such as Modal N Inc, Selectica, as well as the City of Milpitas (Milpitas Sports Center), medical practices and alternative health centers. MyPreksha Yoga conducts yoga camps and teacher workshops throughout USA and India.

Through our instructors’ in depth study of the Preksha system of Yoga and meditation as well as their excellent grasp on the science of breathing, Pranayama -our instructors empower their clients with a wide range of easy to apply skills to combat chronic diseases and regain power, health and vitality. They also teach relaxation skills, health rejuvenation exercises (H.R.E) as well as principles to leading a balanced, holistic and positive lifestyle.